About us

What can we say?
The main purpose of Top Charts is to give all fans, artists, labels and other agents of the music industry, detailed information about the songs of the moment in over 40 countries.
We aim to be the place to go for music lovers who want rich data about their favourite songs or discover the new hits trending around the world.

How does Top Charts work?

CancionesmyTuner platform.
We compile all the information available on the different platforms and, based on our algorithms, publish the tops of the most played songs by country and music genre.

Who are we?

Top Charts is owned and operated by AppGeneration, a digitally powered company, combining software development and editorial content to provide a unique experience via smartphones, tablets and websites.
At AppGeneration we care about music and data. Through these two interests came the idea to create Top Charts and share it with all music lovers around the world.